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Eduard Express Masks

Frank De Sisto

XT 001 German Crosses 1, Early, $4.99. Contains one mask sheet 3.75 x 4.75 inches and one page of instructions.

XT 002 German Crosses 2, Late, $4.99. Contains one mask sheet 3 x 4.75 inches and one page of instructions.

XT 010 British Tactical Markings, $2.99. Contains one mask sheet 2.5 x 3.75 inches and one page of instructions.

XT 011 Jerry Can Crosses, $2.99. Contains one 2.5 x 4.25-inch mask sheet and one page of instructions.

XT 026 T-72 Wheel masks for Tamiya kit, $4.99. Contains two 2.5 x 4 inch mask sheets and one page of instructions.

XT 027 IS-2 Model 1943 markings for DML kit, $4.99. Contains one 2.5 x 2.75 and one 2.75 x 4.75 sheet and two pages of instructions.

Overall these masks are a good idea and quite well executed. The flexible material used resembles artist's Friskit which some may be familiar with. The material, if carefully handled and preserved by reattaching to its carrier sheet after use, ought to be reusable. Packaging is well done and the instructions now feature color for added clarity.

In essence, the modeler applies the masks to the chosen area, sprays on a color and peels the mask off, leaving a finished one-color marking. The German WW 2 national insignia will require more than one step for use of more than one
color. The subjects are also well chosen since (in most cases) their "one-color" nature lends them to this medium extremely well.

XT 001 provides WW2 German national insignia in sizes from 10mm down to 6mm, in many different "early" styles. The instructions clearly show how to mix and match various masks to obtain some of the less common styles of national
insignia, including the yellow types reputedly used during the Polish campaign in 1939.

XT 002 provides WW2 German national insignia in sizes from 11mm down to 6mm, in several different "late" styles. Again, the instructions clearly show how to achieve the desired effect.

XT 010 is quite useful for those who model British and Commonwealth AFV's from WW2 almost to the present time. However the masks are more suited to the WW2 period and can also depict Polish AFV's of that time. The typical squares,
triangles, circles and diamonds are given in a single size of about 10mm. The instructions clearly state what each sign stands for and how different colors denote unit seniority and assignment. A simple silhouette of an M4 shows a typical location for these signs. This means that references will be needed for best use.

XT 011 provides masks to apply white "water only" crosses to German WW2 Jerry cans. The idea here is to spray the cans white, apply the mask and spray the overall color, then peel the mask. The set also includes the same markings for US type cans, although I doubt the US used that type of label.

XT 026 provides wheel masks for the Tamiya T-72M1 kit. It includes enough material to mask one side of all road wheels at one time. The idea here is to paint the tire color first, mask the rims and paint the wheels in the appropriate camouflage color. I would do the inner sets of both sides first, then move the masks to the outer sides and repeat. The return rollers are done
the opposite way as they supply a disk for the centers. Also given are disc masks for the turret searchlights.

XT 027 is my favorite of this bunch. It gives markings six different IS-2 Model 1943 Heavy Tanks in Red Army service during the Great Patriotic War, as depicted by the DML kit. Besides the usual application instructions, full color turret silhouettes are given for each of the six featured tanks, including one with an unusual three-color camouflage. References for the schemes provided are cited as well, making this offering quite complete.

Overall these sets are recommended. Skill level basic for most, intermediate for the more complex German national insignia combinations. Value for money: good.

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