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Michael Dobiesz Turned Barrels

Andrew Dextras

One of the best ways to spruce up an AFV kit is to use a turned aluminum barrel.  The advantages are very obvious:  they are perfectly straight, no cleanup required and they often are used to replace incorrect kit barrels.  Many modellers are familiar with the Jordi Rubio line, but a new and interesting source for turned barrels is Michael Dobiesz located in Nevada, USA.

What makes the line very interesting is that many of the subjects are not covered anywhere else and that the modeller has a choice of either aluminum or brass for the barrels.  This is a nifty option as sometimes brass is either too heavy or aluminum too light for a certain project.  I received turned barrels for ISU-122, KV-2, ISU-152 and M18 Hellcat.  All are very well done  and a quick test fit with the appropriate kits showed that they are a direct swap for the kit barrel.  The barrels do not come with muzzle breaks which is actually a good idea because most modellers do not like the white metal cast muzzle breaks that come in most aftermarket barrel sets.  The kit muzzle break can be simply cut off the kit barrel and used on the replacement one.

Another exciting feature for those of us without a lathe is that Dobiesz offers a custom barrel program.  This is a very handy service that will certainly aid many of us who are planning on building something out of the ordinary.

Highly recommended.

Michael Dobiesz Website

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