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Operation Bagration

John Prigent


OPERATION BAGRATION, by Steve Zaloga, Osprey Publishing, ISBN 1-84176-115-X.  96 pages, colour plates, photographs, maps, birds-eye view battlefield plans. 

This is a "trade edition" reprint of Campaign 42 so if you have that one don't bother to read further.  If you don't have the Campaign edition and are interested in the Russian offensive of Summer 1944 that broke the back of the Wehrmacht, this is the book for you.  As usual with the series it begins with notes on the opposing commanders, their armies and their plans, plus orders of battle.  The actual offensive and the German efforts to halt it are then described in fair detail.  The book has a lot of good photographs of the tanks as well as the men - even a Hungarian Turan in Galicia.  The plates seem to be taken from other Osprey titles but are still worth looking at. 

Verdict:  well worth getting if you take any pride in getting your dioramas right, or just want a general view of the summer 1944 Eastern Front Fighting


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