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Aber 350A68 Hand Tools

Andrew Dextras

With the release of kits like Tamiya’s Dragon Wagon and Famo, there has been a gap in the marketplace for photo etched tools and other accessories which can really fill out large recovery/towing vehicles and make them look “busy”.  Verlinden used to produce a set, but it was limited in both content and quality (very thick copper sheet).  Aber has stepped in a produced this new sheet which contains enough tools and a tool box to really add that final touch to a diorama or vehicle stowage. 

That’s the good news, the better news (or bad news depending on how big your fingers are) is that the toolbox itself consists of 15 parts and it workable!  See image above.  The remainder of the set consists of small hand tools, some of which require the gluing of 3 parts to complete.  Even safety goggles are included!

Overall, not for the faint of heart, but what other manufacturer do you know of would be so obsessed with detail to etch the tool manufacturer’s name on a 1/35 spanner?  Any takers?

The North American Distributor for Aber is AirConnection.

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