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Tuskers - An Armor Battalion in the Gulf War

John Prigent

Tuskers, An Armor Battalion In The Gulf War, by David S Pierson. Darlington Productions, ISBN 0-96487993-5-2.
This is the history of 4/64 Armored Regiment not just in the ground fighting but during the mobilisation, travel to Saudi Arabia, planning and training stages. Mr Pierson was the Battalin S2, or intelligence officer, and he writes an engrossing story. He really shows the reader what it felt like to sit waiting for the Iraqi attack into Saudi Arabia which never came as well as to face the unknown in combat. Task Force Tusker, built around the Battalion, took part in the outflanking move which cut the Basra Road so perhaps saw less combat at that stage than the direct assault units which moved east in Kuwait itself. Nevertheless it was Tusker which detroyed the Republican Guard Hammuarbi Division and elements of several others when they broke the ceasefire and tried to break out from Basra, and even the Intelligence Officer saw his share of fighting. No student of the Gulf War should miss this one.

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