Tamiya 56016 1/16 M26 Pershing

Andrew Dextras

Hot on the heels of Tamiya's full option 1/16 Tiger I RC kit comes this radio controlled behemoth designed to function with a 4 channel RC controller.  Consisting of 19 sprues of olive plastic, cast metal sprockets/final drives, cast metal suspension arms, rubber roadwheel tires, a trunkfull of screws and fasteners, T-06 and MF-03 DMD control units and assorted tools, this model has enough parts to keep even the most fervent modeller busy for quite a while.

Construction begins with the lower hull and as expected, the suspension is workable using torsion bars.  Make sure you follow the instructions to the letter in regards to which parts require thread lock or grease as this will ensure these moving parts operate properly.  Assembly then proceeds to the main drive gearbox.  This unit fits into a metal frame, which then fits neatly on top of the inner suspension components.  This unit is pre-wired with quick connectors.  Final drive and sprockets are cast in white metal and are well detailed.  The tracks go on next, and like the Tiger I they are pre-assembled.  Detail is quite nice, these will look good with some muck and weathering. 

After installation of the sound box unit (which produces the sound of the Ford V8 engine digitally sampled by Tamiya overdubbed with the sound of running tracks), the control units and battery, you can now join the upper and lower hulls.  Sideskirts are provided, a nice touch.  Detail on the side stowage bins is good, although the latch handles for the bins are molded solid.  The reasoning for this is that many RC customers have concerns about too many delicate parts on these RC kits.  Tamiya supplies individually molded handles as parts E1 to replace the simplified ones molded on the bins, I suspect most modellers will go this route.

Work then moves to the turret with installation of the gun elevation unit.  Tamiya supplies a nice turned aluminum 90mm main gun barrel and a flash unit which fits in the muzzle break and simulates gun fire.  The mantlet is well done, but could use with a bit more detail around itís base as itís missing some detail for the mantlet cover retainers and casting numbers.  Cupolla and hatch detail is excellent as are the various turret fittings (spare tracks, radio pots .50 cal travel lock).  The star of the turret however is the excellent .50 cal MG which consists of 22 parts.  Beautiful stuff.  The kit is toped off with numerous stowage accessories including jerry cans, K ration boxes, .50 cal ammo boxes and  .30 cal ammo boxes.  Also included is a very nicely done commander figure, hopefully Tamiya will continue to release standalone 1/16 figures as well.

 A very large decal sheet is provided and includes options for a vehicle from Company A, 14th armour regiment, 9th armoured division in Germany 1945, tank B12 from Company B, 1st tank batallion, US Marines September 1950 Inchon and "Margaret" or "Alice" from Company C, 73rd tank batallion, August 1950 Inchon.

If you have a hankering for large scale RC tanks and need an adversary for your 1/16 RC Tiger I youíve come to the right place.  Static modellers on a budget might want to wait and see if Tamiya releases a static version as they did with the Tiger I, but in either case you won't be disappointed if you pick one of these up.

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