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Royal Models #023 Microdetails for DML MLRS

Matthew Malogorski

This is the first Royal Models Set I have looked at that is mine, and I have to tell you, this kit is awesome. I have read reviews of other Royal Model kits, and the builders who rave about their products. Now I know why.

Upon opening the box you will find 38 flawless resin parts and 60 pieces of beautiful photo- etched brass to super detail the inside and outside of the DML kit. The instruction sheet is very well illustrated with easy to follow exploded view drawings, and Royal Model also provides hints and tips for some parts.

There are lots of details to be added that will really trick the model out for every thing it is missing. 27 of the resin parts are for the cab interior, 9 parts are for the crew’s headphones, and the last 2 are for the launcher cage. All 3 seats, with seat belts, and cushion detail, are there. A complete intercom system is included, as well as all NBC filter units, and hoses. Not skipping anything, Royal Model also included a fire extinguisher, large NBC Purge unit, under seat stowage tank, and the most delicate blast shutter operating handles you could imagine. (I was going to make all 3 of them from sprue and a drop of white glue!) The detail has to be seen to be believed. No part of the cab interior goes unnoticed, and the parts look exactly like the photos in Verlinden’s Warmachines # 12.

The sheet of photo-etched brass is a real compliment to the resin as it provides parts for the inside of the armored cab as well as the outside of the cab, engine deck, and lower hull. Interior details for the Driver’s compartment include; accelerator and brake pedals, instrument panel, instrument panel details, and seat mounts. 26 Parts eventually find their way onto both doors. You get door grab handles, door latches, door brackets, door opening handles, door visor armor, and a few others. Royal Models has really done their research well, as 14 additional parts for the front of the cab are included. I really like the window mounts that go around every window. Comparing to Verlinden’s Warmachines # 12, everything you need to detail the fighting compartment is there that DML missed, and it looks like the pictures. Awesome.

There is also a nice selection of etched parts for the outside of the hull, engine deck, and cab.

Cab details include tool brackets, windshield wipers, hinge details for the armored shutters, and a few other bits and pieces. The really prominent item included is all of the equipment tie downs for the roof and cab exterior. These are not included in the Eduard set. The 4 lifting rings for the engine deck are mysteriously missing, something Eduard picked up on. The engine intake screen is one etched grate, unlike the Eduard set, which is made from 2. Like Eduard, Royal Model included a 2-piece engine compartment fan cover to completely replace the kit parts. (Could be very tricky) The front and rear hull is detailed with several parts. The rear hull ends up getting the tiniest photo-etch I have ever seen in the form of (three) 2 Piece padlocks for the rear stowage bin. You’ve got to be kidding me! Strangely, Eduard included the front and rear mud flaps, but Royal Model did not.

But, Royal Models has really outdone themselves and included resin and photo-etch parts for the launcher cage. Two resin parts replace the rollers on the boom fronts that DML didn’t get quite right, and some 16 brass parts for the front and back of the launch box. I really like the parts that are added to the rear locking handles. (Very Nice)

I highly recommend this set. It is well researched and very thorough. It is incredibly detailed to the tiniest nut & bolt and continues where the Eduard set stops. Get one if you can for your model.


Warmachines #12, MLRS-Multiple Launch Rocket System; Verlinden Publications

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