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Model Valley #001 M1A1 Engine Set

Frank De Sisto

MV 0001, M1A1 Engine set for DML and Tamiya kits. Contains 25 resin parts and two pages of instructions with numbered parts chart. Price: $37.98 USD. Available from M & Models at: www.wwa.com/mmodels.

I will start out by saying that I suspect, but am not sure, that this is the older Kirin item. It is well produced but not very accurate, according to reference photographs. The instructions are adequate to the task but do not include any color information, so references are a must. Casting is to a very high standard so it is all the more distressing that the accuracy of the parts is not on par. The parts fit together easily after the usual clean up.

The parts depict the power pack, the engine bay, the upper rear hull deck and smaller access hatches. The engine bay itself appears to match photos well enough but does not include any detail for the insides of the rear access doors. The power pack itself has proportion and detail accuracy problems that would preclude it being used anywhere but in the vehicle. In short, it resembles the item in question but is not an accurate replica. From the top and installed in the bay, however, it "looks" OK.

Those who don't mind a super detail project may want to give this a try. Those seeking an accurate out-of-the-box addition should keep looking elsewhere.

Not recommended, skill level: basic. Value for money: poor.

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