JS Models T-72M1 Turret

Andrew Dextras

The T-72 tank has been generally neglected by the aftermarket for some bizarre reason.  Tens of thousands have been produced and are in service with a great number of nations.  Until now, nobody has produced an accurate T-72M1 turret to replace the Tamiya kit part.  JS Models from Finland comes to the rescue of T-72 fans with this extremely well cast resin turret with a corrected shape.   

Looking at the turret from above side by side with Tamiya's kit part, the difference is obvious.  The Tamiya turret is too rounded near the front "cheeks" and does not extend out far enough.  JS provides some black and white images of the real thing which show very clearly the correct turret shape, JS did their research.  A nice touch is the canvas mantlet cover, which has been correctly reproduced to represent its 2 part assembly and the "X" on top of the mantlet cover.  Some nice wiring detail for the smoke dischargers are included with the correct wiring leading to each discharger.  The gunner's sight has also been refined.

Assembly is simply a matter of installing the required Tamiya parts onto the JS casting.  Speaking of which, the casting quality of this turret casting is second to none.  There is no cleanup required whatsoever.  Top notch stuff.

In combination with Eduard's new photo etch set,  some aftermarket tracks and an aftermarket barrel,  the ultimate T-72 can finally be built.

Highest possible recommendation.

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