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Eduard #35070 MLRS

Matthew Malogorski

This is a nice set that is very well done. Upon examining the instructions you will find 39 pieces of photo etched brass to super detail the inside and outside of the DML kit. The instructions say the recommended kit is Italeri. (Which is a re-boxed DML kit).

There are lots of details to be added to the inside and outside of the armored cab as well as to the hull. Interior details include accelerator and brake pedals, door grab handles, door latches, door brackets, opening handles, visor armor, and a few others! 22 Parts eventually find their way onto the doors, and according to Verlinden’s Warmachines # 12, everything you need to detail them is there. But unlike recent Eduard sets, you get no instrument panel in this one.

There is also a nice selection of parts for the outside of the hull and engine deck. The engine intake screen is two parts, one louvered grill that goes underneath a second etched grate. (Very cool) There are 4 lifting hooks and a 2 piece engine compartment fan cover to completely replace the kit parts. (Could be very tricky) Other hull details include tool brackets, windshield wipers, front and rear mud flaps, brackets for the armored shutters, and a few other bits and pieces. The only prominent things missing are all of the equipment tie downs on the roof and cab exterior.

I highly recommend this set for anyone who wants to super detail the MLRS. With the option of building the cab open, this kit makes the job real easy.


Warmachines #12 MLRS-Multiple Launch Rocket System. Verlinden Publications

Recommended as the ultimate reference for the MLRS

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