Concord 7509 Warrior British Combat Vehicle Tracked

John Prigent

Here are 52 pages packed with colour photographs of Warriors in service with the British Army everywhere from Germany to Kosovo.  Not just the infantry section vehicle, the infantry and artillery command versions, repair and recovery vehicles and the artillery observation version are here as well.  There’s an informative text as well as good captions to the photographs, most of which are the author’s so he knows exactly where and when they were taken and which units are shown.  The four colour plates by Hubert Cance are very good, but they’re Concord’s standard side views so show nothing of the front and rear markings that British vehicles carry.  When WILL Concord realise that military vehicles need to have these shown if the plates are to be any use to modellers?

There’s a 1/35 scale five-view plan of the section vehicle here too, and the coverage doesn’t stop with the British versions.  The Kuwaiti Army’s Desert Warrior, and the Warrior 2000 built for Swiss trials, are included as well.

This is a great reference book for modellers wanting different colour schemes and authentic markings.  There’s little in the way of detail closeups, and only a few interior views, but those can be found in the Darlington Productions book on Warrior.

Highly recommended!