Armour Track Model TK-02 US T-156 Rubber Block Track

Andrew Dextras

The second in the series of tracks from ATM, this set is designed to fit the Tamiya or Dragon M1 series or Trumpeterís M1 or K1 series.  Molded in a dark brown plastic, detail is very sharp and feature no knockout marks on the track outer or inner faces.  As with the ATM BMP tracks, these are the only T-156 workable tracks on the market at this point in time. 

As per their usual practice, ATM has included nicely cast resin drive sprockets, drive sprocket "training wheels" and idlers (for the K1/K1A1) .  The casting plug is a little large so some care will have to be used when removing them from the runner.  Assembly is straightforward for this track style and results in a workable assembly without using any glue.

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