Accurate Armour C70 T34-100

Andrew Dextras

The second in AA's Egyptian T34 conversions, this one features the large turret mounting the potent Soviet BS-3 100mm AT gun.  Unlike the T34-122 turret which is very wide, the T34-100 turret is narrow but very long.

The kit requires both the Dragon T34/85 kit and the ICM BS-3 gun kit to complete.  The kit consists of 85 resin parts, a PE sheet and some brass rods for making grab handles and a brass cable for the unditching harness.  The main castings include the hollow turret shell, hull interior (including driverís compartment), turret interior parts, ammunition, fuel drums, smoke cans and a hollowed out engine lid ready for the PE engine screen.

Overall, a well done kit of this unique vehicle. 

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