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Accurate Armour C58 Warrior Infantry Command Vehicle

Matthew Malogorski

This is the first Accurate Armour resin conversion set I have purchased. After dabbling with Accurate Armour accessory sets, which I found to be of very high quality, I decided to try out one of their conversions. This is a first look type of review, and I will update this review once I actually build the kit.

Upon first glance this kit is immediately impressive. It comes with all parts in a single zip lock bag, with the instructions stapled inside. My parcel arrived in a bubble pack envelope direct from Scotland in about four days after ordering. The kit consists of the original Warrior update set, which has 66 parts in it, plus the Infantry Command Version update which has an additional 13 parts for a total of 79. This kit normally comes with a photo-etch fret, but I did not order it, as I had already picked up Eduard’s set for my kit. There is an 8 page instruction sheet included that has black & white photos of a work in progress model to illustrate parts placement, as well as a general procedure page, and assembly instructions. The instruction sheet seemed a little confusing at first, but I believe it is because I am not used to Accurate Armour’s way of doing things. After reading them more carefully, I found them to be relatively well done and easy to follow.

As for the parts, they are simply outstanding. I found one tiny pinhole in one piece, and there is just a small amount of flash. All the parts are exquisitely detailed, and the pour blocks appear to be in easy to remove locations. After checking against photos in Military Ordnance Special #16, it seems that Accurate Armour did not miss a single detail concerning the parts needed to do this conversion. The only parts not covered in this publication are the communications masts, so I cannot comment on the accuracy of these.

The following is taken from the Warrior IFV Update parts list:

Final drive bulges Upper and lower front armor Front tow hook and mount

Driver’s hatch & sight Right and left rear hatches Antennae aerials

Turret mantlet Turret Side bins Smoke dischargers

Convoy beacon New and old style fire extinguishers Exhaust plate

New turret periscopes Armor side panel D-10 cable reel

The following is taken from the Warrior ICV Update parts list:

Hull rear plate Rear roof hatches NBC Vent

Rear towing point Antennae aerial in periscope 8m communications masts

D-10 reel Front lift lug Left & right rear doors

As a real plus, AA has also included stowage in the form of 2 Jerry cans, 2 five gallon oil cans, 2 water cans, 4 water cans in racks, and 10 spent main gun ammo rounds. I could go on and on, but the parts list is just too extensive to list. This kit can be used to modify/correct the Academy kit into a Desert Storm Infantry Fighting Version, or the Infantry Command Version. Other options are to use the kit to make a later Command version that served in Bosnia.

This conversion is a must have for any Modern British armor or Warrior fan. Any of the Warrior conversion sets will make a real eye catching variant of this vehicle. The instruction sheet recommends this kit only for experienced modellers.


Military Ordnance Special Number 16, Warrior Mechanized Combat Vehicle, John Prigent, Darlington Productions, Inc, PO Box 5884, Darlington, MD 21034

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