Lincoln County Line LC0005 "The Rescue"

Andrew Dextras

New from this "budget" line at VLS is this nice dramatic vignette picturing a Soviet medic pulling a crewmember from his battered KV2.  The tank turret (or at least the top 80% of it) is included with the set and is well cast, all you need to add are grab handles from wire.  Sculpting quality is good and well animated. The casting has been broken down as to simplify things for the modeller:  the wounded figure and upper body of the medic are cast as one piece.  The medic’s lower body and head are cast separately as are the crewman’s boots.  This should avoid any problem lining things up and ensures that the figures are "pressed up" against each other as would happen for leverage reasons when lifting a grown man out of a tank hatch. Overall, well done little vignette that goes together very quickly and which will surely find its way onto many entry tables at model shows.

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