Custom Dioramics CD 7009 Stalingrad Factory Ruin #2

Dan Oldfield

A companion piece to Stalingrad Ruin No. 1, this release comprises 2 polyfoam pieces (the base and the furnace/boiler unit) and a single resin casting for the furnace chimney. In typical fashion, these polyfoam forms are well-detailed structures that weigh far less than their ceramic counterparts. This set offers the diorama modeler the opportunity to exercise his painting skills to replicate metal, concrete, wood and brick surfaces. With a little extra structural detail, this set can be turned into a great vignette reminiscent of the period photos from besieged Stalingrad, possibly depicting an infantry squad backing into, or advancing from, this complicated corner. It looks simple, but it offers a wealth of detail for the modeler and it comes recommended

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