Custom Dioramics CD 6028 European Store Interior

Dan Oldfield


In their quest to move your vignettes indoors, Custom Dioramics have released this fabulous little set to create the interior of a grocery store. Sitting atop a well executed hardwood floor section that scales out to an area measuring 14í x 21í are 5 pieces of wood furniture and a vast quantity of food. The furniture is cast separately allowing the builder flexibility in arranging the store, as are most of the perishables. From fruits and vegetables to pastries, cheeses and wine, itís all here. The sheer volume of pieces are just too numerous to count, and while this will make for some extended cleanup time, I never thought Iíd say something like this: you just have to see the detail on the wicker baskets and the lettuce. Itís not as glamorous as the latest in-action crew for your next AFV, but taken on its own merit this is a first rate resin kit. If this is your thing, this release comes highly recommended.

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