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Custom Dioramics CD1116 PaK 40 Bunker #1

Andrew Dextras

The demise of the well known Canadian diorama accessory company a year or so back came as quite a blow to many diorama enthusiasts.   Featuring high quality products at very reasonable prices, it was an unbeatable combination.  Well, thanks to the VLS Corporation the Custom Dioramics line has risen from the ashes and is now back in business under the VLS banner and is starting to churn out an impressive amount of releases, including figures and a variety of diorama accessories.  The cornerstone of the CD line however is their ceramic dio sets which span an impressive array of subjects and locations.

CD 1116  consists of 6 ceramic parts with the usual CD quality.  This is quite a large and impressive set as it takes 2 standard CD boxes to contain the parts involved.   One of the concerns many modellers have with purchasing these ceramic diorama sets is that parts may get damaged in shipping due to bad packaging.  Well, the CD box is chock full of styrofaom peanuts and VLS has gone the extra mile to ensure that your ceramic parts will show up in one piece.  The kit itself consists of all the parts needed to construct this large bunker except for the gun and accessories and will fit the bill for anyone wishing to create a 7.5cm Pak 40 bunker diorama qand will look just great all weathered up with some subtle streaks and stains.

Hghly recommended.

Custom Dioramics website

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