AJ Press Japanese Armour part 1

Andrew Dextras

Printed in the usual AJ Press format (similar to their Panther series of books), this new bilingual English-Polish language release features 122 pages of information about Japanese Armour post WWI until 1945.  Frankly, this is one of the best books I've seen on the subject surpassing even the classic Sunday Art tome. AJ Press is just getting started, this is only volume 1 of 3 to be published!

The book begins with a textual account of the post WWI development of Japanese armour beginning with the FT-17, Whippet and other "foreign" acquisitions.  The book then quickly jumps into the topic of the type 89 Chi-Ro and bombards the reader with almost 30 pages of text, 1/35 drawings, action photos and developmental photos.

The book then moves onto the type 92/94 & 97 tankettes and again features plenty of visual and textual information.  Anyone who owns the Fine Molds kits of the 94 & 97 will find plenty of inspiration here.  The book moves on with the same style of coverage of the type 92 and 95 light tanks.  The Type 95 coverage is a bit more brief so I expect they'll elaborate in volume 2.

The book then covers somewhat uncharted territory with a chapter on Japanese armoured cars, both for road and railroad use.  Interesting stuff here, some great 1/35 6 view plans of a Type 93 armoured car (for rail use) are included for those brave enough to attempt scratchbuilding one of these 6 wheeled beasts. 

The book proceeds 30 pages of action photos and combat history of the various types.  Some great photos here, most of which I haven't seen in any of the Ground Power or Sunday Art volumes.  The book closes off with 8 pages of some of the nicest colour plates I've seen in awhile, really well done.

Overall, a must have for anyone even remotely interested in Japanese WWII armour.  I can't wait until volume 2!

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