Polish Armoured Vehicle Markings and Camouflage Parts 1 & 2

Andrew Dextras

Printed in a landscape format similar to Squadron's books, these two volumes cover Polish armour ranging from France 1940 to the middle east to Italy.  Volume 1 spans 41 pages and Volume 2 spans 45 pages.

4 images are printed per page and while that doesnít make the images particularly large, the subject matter more than makes up for this.

Volume 1 coverage begins with Polish force involved in France 1940 and the various early war armour & support vehicles that they used.  The middle east is then covered, again with good coverage of not just armoured vehicles but also multitude of softskins.  Volume 1 ends with some great coverage of the Italian campaign, if you like Staghounds and other armoured cars, youíll be pleased with this one.

Volume 2 begins with some great colour plates showing the various recognition signs used by the Polish forces.  Nice reference stuff here for those trying to decipher the system used by the Poles.  We then take up where volume 1 left off and covers the Italian campaign in 1944-45.  Unit covered include the Carpathian Lancers, the 15th Poznan lancers the 5th Kresowa Infantry Division.  The coverage of softskins continues to be exemplary along with more Staghound photos under one cover than Iíve ever seen.  Volume 2 ends with a ton of Shermans stationed in the middle east in August 1945.  Whatís interesting here, other than great shots of M4A2s, M4A1s, M4 105mm, and M3A3 Recce are the 2 images of M4 105mm HVSS tanks.  Neat stuff.

Anyone with interest in Commonwealth armour, especially armoured cars, should definitely look into picking up these 2 unique books.

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