Mirage 35901 C7P Artillery Tractor

Andrew Dextras

Looking for something different to build?  Okay, maybe it's not the Claudia Schiffer of tank designs, but this little kit is the perfect cure for anyone who wants to build something out of the ordinary.  Using the familiar Mirage Vickers 6 ton/7TP as a base kit this kit adds two large new sprues and some clear plastic for the windows, as well as a small decal sheet.  Having not seen any of the previous Mirage kits, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box.  The parts are typical Eastern European in layout, but there is no flash at all on my example, which is a good start.  There are no sinkmarks on the lower hull sides or suspension which is nice and overall detail is quite crisp.

The two new sprues contain all the parts to convert the 7TP to the artillery version.  A comprehensive interior is included and Mirage have thoughtfully managed to keep knockout marks to a minimum.  The front "windscreen" and side windows (including frames) are provided as a clear part and will only require some simple masking before painting.  The kit tracks are one piece vinyl types and really would be the only thing I would replace with aftermarket items if you were concerned about getting some track sag, otherwise they are not badly detailed if a little stiff.

Three marking schemes are provided including plain green, 3 tone hardedge (with black outlines) and 3 tone soft edge.

Overall, a nice change of pace and quite well done.  Recommended.

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