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Vehicles of the Polish Armed Forces – Eastern Front 1943-45 – Camouflage and Markings Vol. 1

Andrew Dextras

This new release by the Polish publishing firm Ajaks consists of 58 pages printed in a “Concord” style format.  The text is bilingual Polish/English and beings with a small discourse on camo schemes, markings and slogans.  The vast majority of the book is photo after photo of Polish armour in action.  Included in the coverage are T34-76 and 85, IS-2, ISUs, SU-85, SU-76m, harley davidson motocycles, jeeps, WC 3/4 ton variants, Studebaker 2.5 ton trucks and a variety of other softskins.  Also included are a good number of colour plates illustrating the vehicles depicted throughout the book. 

Photo reproduction is very good and a large majority of the images are unpublished.

 Overall, a very welcome release and recommended reading for any Eastern Front fan.

 Highly recommended.

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