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Valentine Mk. VII

JP Morgan


Montreal Locomotive Works (Canadian Pacific) produced 1,420 Valentines, Marks VI, VII, and VIIA. All but 30 of these were shipped to the Russians under Lend-Lease. Canadian-produced Valentines were considered by the Russian Army to be the best Allied Vehicles supplied to them during the war. Valentine Mk VI’s were the 1st Canadian production model. They were built using Canadian engineering standards utilizing a GMC diesel engine as well as a cast nose section and turret. Browning .30 Cal MG’s replaced the Besa MG’s after the 16th vehicle. The Mk VII was an improved Mk VI with different radios and internal changes. The Mk VIIA had jettisonable fuel tanks, studded tracks, and other minor changes.

Models Used:

VM Models Valentine IV Mk III

Fruilimodelissimo Valentine tracks

Eduard Photoetch set

Jordi Rubio aluminum gun barrel


Turret converted to the cast type

Nose section converted to cast type

Lakeman AA MG mount scrathbuilt

Casting numbers added to turret, mantlet, and glacis

Bogie brackets modified with bracing and bolts

Bogie springs amd struts replaced with wire and aluminum tubing

MV lenses added to the taillight and the front marker lights

Besa MG replaced with a browning

Outer idler supports hollowed out for the track adjusting tool

All handles were replaced with wire

Electrical wiring added to lights

Driver’s area detailed with additional armour on the headcover, vertical glacis angles changed, doorstops scratchbuilt, bolts, screws and hinges added

Rearview mirror mount scratchbuilt

Tow hawser support hooks added to muffler guard

Jackblock made from basswood

Engine cover catch scratchbuilt on right side

Turret bustle reshaped drastically and bolts added below

Pistol port door removed, turned, detailed and reinstalled

Vision port reworked

Roof vent cut out along front of turret

Vent holes drilled, and cover scratchbuilt with brass shim and Grant Line bolts

Antenna mounts scratchbuilt, antennas are brass rod

Hatches detailed with padlock hasps, bolts, etc

Commander’s vane sight scratchbuilt

Fenders thinned

Bolts added along panel seams on lower hull

Acrylic paints used, except for tracks which received a black enamel wash (Valentines had manganese tracks that don’t rust)

Markings are Verlinden dry transfers

Stowage is from the spares box and the garden.


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Photos & measurements taken at Vimy House, Canadian War Museum

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