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Dodge 3/4 ton Weapons Carrier (Israeli Service)

Mark Hazzard

This is the new Skybow Dodge Weapon Carrier, towing a much modified italeri tanker trailer and is modelled to represent a vehicle of the IDF during the UN sponsored pull out of Egypt in 1974 (yes they were used that late!), very little has been added to the kit except some etched brass buckles to the tools, the tilt tie down points replaced by wire and some plastic rod details on the grill and windscreen. The chains are silver jewellery chain. The body colour is 2/3 Humbrol 168 (Hemp) plus 1/3 light grey which is a good match for the mid 1970s shade of sand grey. The chassis and wheels are matt black. The decals are a combination of Verlinden dry rub and hand painted.

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