Charlie Pritchett

This is the Cromwell SA-6 conversion for the Dragon ZSU-23-4 "Shilka". The conversion is very good & easy to build....except for the launcher racks. These were scratch-built from Plastruct plastic-coated wire & Evergreen strip. The model was painted with Model Master's enamels & weathered with oils to simulate an Egyptian vehicle used in 1973 against the IDF/AF. The dusty effects were achieved by first airbrushing a thin mixture of Tamiya Earth + Buff along the sides of the hull. The accumulated dust was made by applying "washes" of MiG Productions pigment powders (mixed to the desired color) thinned with tap-water. Excess "dust" was removed with a clean, dry brush. this was one of the easiest models I have built in a long time (except for stock Tamiya kits), and I recommend it to any who may have an inclination to build it.