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Sherman Firefly IC Hybrid Hull

Andrew Dextras


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Basic kit: Dragon Firefly IC Hybrid Hull

Detailing sets:

Tank Workshop Firefly turret

On the Mark Photo Etch for WWII Sherman

Jordi Rubio turned barrel

Tank workshop 2 sided idler wheels

Tank Workshop hedgerow cutter

Verlinden ammo boxes

Custom dioramics bags and packs

Custom dioramics boxes

Accurate Armour 17pdr ammo box

Aber photo etched chain

Dragon M4 Rubber Chevron track set



Added retaining chains to rear hull stowage box

4 return roller bracket mounting holes drilled in bogie face

4 skid plate retaining bolts added to top of bogie

3 bolts added to lower bogie cap

sandshield mounting holes drilled out

removal of some DML overtexturing

PE rear light guards

PE chains and brass wire pins for fuel filler caps

Buckles and straps for tools using PE and foil with PE tiedowns.

Scratchbuilt medical box

Weld seams for hull MG port

Added weld seams to applique armour

Added PE commander’s sight

Added brass wire handles to all hatches

Added antennas from wire

Added painted camouflage to 17pdr barrel

Added hedgerow cutter

Added DML spare tracks (rubber chevron and steel chevron)

Added stowage

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